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A Registered Charity - No. 1103850

DSO held its public fundraiser on 9-10 June 2018

The 21-hour team walkathon took place at Holton Playing Fields from Midday Saturday 9th June to 9am Sunday 10th June.

We chose the 21-hour time to represent the 21st chromosome, most commonly triplicated to give the diagnosis of Down's Syndrome.

The event has been a huge success, raising over £30,000 (and still rising) to enable DSO to continue its great work at supporting members and their families in many aspects of their lives.  From Development groups, Education and training, social events and general support. DSO have projects in place and many ideas of ways to support its members in the future but as a charity run solely by volunteers a financial injection is much needed to enable DSO to continue as it is.

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