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Andria Hutchings
Pre-School Club co-ordinator
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Pre-School Club

The Pre-school Group is a vibrant and active group of families with children ranging in age from birth to 5 years.  They provide a great support network and new families are welcomed with open arms.

There is an active online group, who are on hand to help with advice, ideas, problem solving and supporting each other as the need arises.  They also have a great big dose of fun along the way and lifelong friendships are often formed.

Our Pre-school families often meet up at DSO’s weekly EDG groups and at the weekly Stay and Play.

Throughout the year, the group also hold regular outings and social events, that are suitable for their children's' ages and range of physical ability, but also inclusive of their family members and siblings. Many families regularly meet up on a more informal basis.  

Some of the organised outings include:

  • A Christmas Trip to Millett’s Farm to meet Father Christmas and help the Elves in their workshop
  • A Play Session and Tea at Sprout’s Play Barn
  • Visit to Snakes & Ladders Play Centre