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Sam Martin-Morrissey
10+ Club co-ordinator
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10+ Club

Our 10+ Club runs a range of social activities and events for older children and their siblings. These have included theatre and cinema trips, themed discos, dance sessions, visits to play centres, and much more! The club provides a great opportunity for children to meet others, build friendships, and try out new activities.

We normally run one event/outing each term so that our children get the chance to meet up on a regular basis. All our events are either fully or partially subsided by DSO.

We welcome children of any age however the activities are likely be more appropriate for those aged 10 years and above.

We’d love to welcome new children so please do get in touch if you’d like to find out more. And we’re always looking for new  ideas for activities and outings, so do let us know if you’ve got a recommendation!