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Jos Smith
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The DSO Discretionary Fund

DSO has a “Discretionary Fund” which will allow a sum of money to be put aside for the specific purpose of helping DSO families in particular need. 

An amount of £1500 has been set aside for this coming year. 

Full details can be found in the Discretionary Fund Rules document.

  • Any member of DSO can apply to the fund, for any amount up to a maximum of £1500.
  • The application must be for a specific purpose and should be seen as emergency financial assistance – for example, toys for ill children, one-off donations to families to help with extra emergency equipment, funds to use on a family outing to support a family going through a difficult time, money to help with taxis to visit a sick child in hospital.
  • People can also apply on behalf of a member of DSO, with or without their consent or knowledge.
  • The fund will be administered by a panel of three people – the Chair of DSO, a Trustee of DSO, and one other Committee member.
  • All applications will be considered, but there is no obligation on the fund administrators to agree to the request.
  • To apply to the fund, please contact the DSO Chair by email or letter with an explanation of how much money is needed, what the money will be used for, and any other relevant details. 

The fund administrators will contact you if they need further information, so please include your contact details. 

Any request will be considered and you will be notified within four weeks as to the decision.