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Marion Simon
Primary Development Group co-ordinator
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Primary Development Groups

Our Primary Development Groups are aimed at primary aged children, from Foundation stage to Year 6. The groups focus mainly on speech and language but we also work on reading skills as they help children improve their communication skills. Each group runs for six weeks on Fridays in term time. The groups are no larger than four children in size. The groups are run by Lauren England and Colette Lloyd, both speech and language therapists with experience with children with Down’s syndrome.

How does it work?

At the start of the academic year we will ask parents by email to indicate on the DSO database whether they are interested in their child participating in one of the groups that year. We organise the groups based on the children’s ability, location and age. Parents are responsible for organising transport for their child. The groups are held at one of the schools of one (or more) of the children. Marion, Lauren and Colette will work together to set up the groups and Marion will let the parents know where and when their child will attend their group.

Who attends these groups?

Each child will attend with either a parent or a teaching assistant (you can both come at separate times, but one adult per child at a time is preferred). The advantage of the teaching assistant attending is that the groups also offer opportunity for on-the-job training, and discussion about particular classroom issues. 

What do we focus on during the sessions?

Sessions are topic or book based. If you notify Lauren and Colette of topics coming up at school, these can sometimes be worked into the sessions. Lauren and Colette will also always try to incorporate the child's NHS speech and language therapy targets into the sessions, so for that reason they will ask for the latest SALT reports.

What do the groups cost?

The groups are heavily subsidised by Down’s Syndrome Oxford but we do ask for a £5 contribution from parents per session. We invoice for the six sessions at the start of the sessions. We don’t want any child to miss out because of financial constraints, so please do sign your child up even if you think you won’t be able to afford the lessons and get in touch with Marion Simon to discuss this. 

How do we sign up?

If you’d like to sign your child up, you need to first ensure you are enrolled as a Parent or Carer on our membership database, providing your child's details as well, and fill in the development group information (school, contact at school etc). Please note if you are already enrolled there is no need to do so again, and if you are in any doubt please check with our membership secretary first.

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