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Hello, I'm Jo Crawford, the new parent contact for Down's Syndrome Oxford.

I live in South Oxfordshire with my husband Stuart and four daughters, Chloe, Amber, Freya and Evie-Mae.  Evie-Mae was born on 21st May 2011 and has Down’s Syndrome. 

Evie was diagnosed 2 days after birth, it was a time of mixed emotions, we cried a lot and really didn’t know what to expect for her future.  We were overwhelmed by the tests she had to have and all the professionals we met in those first few months. We were worried about her development and how she would fit in with our busy family. We loved her unconditionally but I admit I was a little scared of bringing up my precious little girl with additional needs.

As it happens Evie is a complete joy, she is funny, loving, determined and full of mischief. She attends a mainstream pre-school at which, although it took a little while, she is now joining in with the other children and enjoys singing and dressing up. She also attends a riding school for the disabled and enjoys swimming with the family. 

Evie has had medical problems. She was born with two holes in her heart which closed on their own, she has been hospitalised on more than one occasion with bronchiolitis, she had a sub-mucous cleft palate which she had surgery to repair in October 2012, and then she was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukeamia in December 2012 for which she is now in remission.  We have always been fully supported by our family and friends, and our extended family - members of DSO.

We first visited the Stay and Play session with Evie when she was just a couple of months old, and were immediately welcomed and felt at ease. We were able to ask questions to people who had “been in our shoes” and also see for ourselves how beautiful our little ones are.  

I would like to get in touch with you, for a chat on the phone or via email. I would also be very happy to meet with you, I can come to your home or you are more than welcome to come to mine now or in the future. My husband and my older girls would also be happy to meet or answer questions from you or any other member of your family. 

I look forward to hearing from you and hope to see you soon. Hope you can come to the Stay and Play Sessions for a coffee and chat!

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