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Emily & Matt Robinson
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Miscellaneous Information:

Matt and my first introduction to DSO was at one of the old Friday shared lunches, when Lucy was just 10 weeks old. We were very nervous about going, nervous of what we might see and hear , but we came away buzzing and full of excitement and reassurance as to what was to come in Lucy’s life. DSO quickly became an integral part of our lives.

It was Matt who joined the Committee initially as he was keen to develop a website for the charity. Time commitments meant that it was me who eventually started going to committee meetings, and offered to take over the writing of the newsletter and numerous other activities since! I was part of the team who organised both ‘Big Step Forwards’, have contributed and run a number of cake stalls and done smaller fundraising activities in my village. Matt has raised money for DSO doing two rowing marathons. 

My role includes all group-wide communication emails relating to events or information, and the management of the DSO membership database. Time spent on DSO activities is generally done on the computer in the evenings and when face to face meetings are required they generally involve dinner or at least a drink!

DSO is such an important part of our lives, providing an active social life for both Lucy and us! And an endless support network via the great friendships we have made.