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Elsa Gill
Training co-ordinator
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Miscellaneous Information:

I first became active in DSO when my old son Jack attended the Early Development Groups. I wanted to contribute towards the running costs of the groups, so I organised a few nearly new sales in my area and was part of the group who organised the 'Big Step Forward' fundraising events. Then when Jack started school I offered to organise a music session for the Primary Club and enjoyed doing it, so I offered to carry on running the club. 

We made an application to a charity for 90 tickets to Chessington World of Adventures (initially with the Primary Club in mind) and was surprised and delighted when the application was successful. That and the experience I had gained from doing Jack's statement and the dreaded DLA forms, gave me the confidence to submit more applications.

Last year I organised two parent and teacher training days in October. I applied to the National Lottery Fund and Oxfordshire Community Foundation for funding to help pay for those and was again delighted to be successful.

I think the reason I stay active in DSO is because I've worked out which things I enjoy doing most. Also as a mum of three, I can do most of it on the computer in the evenings when they have gone to bed, so it fits in easily with my family life. I have also realised that as parents, it is us who know best what we need in terms of support, information or education for our families and like those parents who originally set up DSO or started the EDG’s…it’s up to us to make things happen and not sit waiting for others to do it for us. I have also made some great friends along the way.